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This is a guide to what you'll find on HOT BOOTS!!

Welcome! This is the web site for the man who loves BOOTS . . . the man who enjoys wearing them for work and for play . . . and who likes to look at them and talk about them, too!

While these pages are designed primarily to entertain and inform BOOTMEN, everyone is welcome to come on in, look around and enjoy whatever interests them.  There is no membership here at HOT BOOTS, and registration is only required for participation on the Boots On Line message board.

This site was started by Larry Kenney on March 3, 1997, and it has been growing continuously since then.  It is now owned and operated by the Hot Boots Trustees, under the guidance of the Hot Boots Constitution.


There's a lot to look at and get involved in here at Hot Boots!!

You'll find the "Boots On Line" message board - your place to talk about boots and show your pictures, and a place to list boots for sale here or listed for sale or auction on another site.

There are dozens of photo galleries with thousands of photos of boots and men in boots, a boot video galley, pages with links to manufacturers and stores selling new boots, used boots, leather, rubber and other merchandise, a calendar of upcoming events where you're sure to find men in boots, "Hot Boots Personals" for making contact with other bootmen, "Boot Swap" for listing your interest in swapping or exchanging boots, links to boot information - including an excellent tutorial on all types of boots, boot clubs and organizations, other boot web sites and Bootmen's sites, cowboy-leather-levi bars, other boot-related message boards, boot chat rooms, and lots more!  There is even a Hot Boots Group on Facebook.

Although not "boot-related", there are also pages on this site with links to leather, rubber, uniform and Bear clubs, to publications, other fetish sites, and many other sites of interest.

You'll find all of these features listed in the Directory on the left side of each main page and in the Site Map.  You'll find a link to the Site Map in the Directory and directly under the welcome message at the top of the home page. Just click on the desired feature in either the Directory or Site Map.


On Facebook we sponsor a very popular Hot Boots group where you'll find more discussion and lots of photos about boots.  There's a link to the group near the top of the home page and in the Directory.


We hope you take time to look over all that the site has to offer.  If you wish to save HOT BOOTS!! as a "bookmark" or "favorite", we suggest that you go to the main Home Page of the site before doing so.  That way you'll have access to the entire site menu and the list of "What's New?"


A separate web page has been prepared that describes how to contribute information, photos and other material to HOT BOOTS.  You should read it before you send anything to the crew.  Please click here to see the page on how to contribute content to the site.


Contributions to support the operation of HOT BOOTS are always welcome.  To learn more about contributing funds for site operation please click here.


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