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Hot Boots!!!

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SITE INFORMATION: Overview of this site, photo contribution and web ring information BOOTS ON LINE: The boots message board - where you can be part of this site BOOT GALLERIES: Thousands of photos of boots and men in boots BOOT CALENDAR: Events where you're sure to find men in boots BOOT SWAP: A listing of bootmen who want to swap boots BOOT MANUFACTURERS: Links to boot manufacturers MERCHANTS: Links to sellers of new boots, used boots, leather, rubber, uniforms, and more BOOT INFORMATION: Links to pages on this and other sites with information about boots MEETING BOOTMEN: Links to boot leather, rubber, uniform and bear clubs, boot message boards, chat sites, leather-levi bars BOOTMEN'S LINKS: Links to other bootmen's web sites BOOT GROUPS: Links to eGroup, MSN or Yahoo club boot sites MAJOR BOOT SITES: Other large sites devoted to boots OTHER SITES OF INTEREST: Links to leather and rubber sites, gay publications, midi music and internet audio sites

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Coming Together: A Ribbon Of Unity Information


September 21
  • Finally had a chance to clean up the old messages on "Boots On Line".  Sorry for the inconvenience of the long list for the past few days.
September 15
  • Bill modified Boot Swap so that you now select the size you want to view and no longer have to wait for the entire list of entries to load.  If you want the complete list, you have that choice, too.
September 14
  • Added "Coming Together: A Ribbon Of Unity" shown above.
September 13
  • Bill has continued to refine the new Hot Boots Personals so that the list of all entries is split into parts.  I'm happy to see that the list is getting quite long!
  • Updated the Boot Fetish Party announcement with several more great new prizes!
September 8
September 6
  • Updated a listing in the Hot Boots Calendar. Mark's Boot & Bondage Party is on Friday night, Sept. 28, not Saturday, as previously listed.  (The Boot Fetish Party is still on Saturday, Sept. 29).
September 5
Larry - Photo by Steve Ng
Larry Kenney
Your Webmaster

Just 7 Days
to the Folsom
Boot Fetish Party

Party Information

My thanks go to all of you who have offered words of appreciation, contributed photos, and/or made a monetary contribution to HOT BOOTS!!   It's really great that so many of you are enjoying this site!   Between 5,500 and 7,000 visitors check out this site every day!

If you wish to contribute photos, information or funds to HOT BOOTS, please see the SITE INFORMATION section.  Your contributions are most welcome!

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