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Hot Boots!!!

Hi . . . I'm Larry
Welcome to my HOT BOOTS web site !

Larry - Photo by Larry Dean

WHAT'S NEW? - Recent additions and changes to this web site. Latest update: October 31, 2000
SITE INFORMATION - An overview of what you'll find on this site, plus contribution and web ring information.
BOOTS ON LINE - The boots message board - where you can be part of this site.
BOOT GALLERIES - Hundreds of photos of boots and men in boots.
BOOTS CALENDAR - Events where you're sure to find men in boots.
BOOTS INFORMATION - Links to pages on this and other sites with information about boots.
GETTING BOOTED - Boot Swap plus links to manufacturers and sellers of new boots, used boots, leather, rubber, uniforms, and more.
MEETING BOOTMEN - Links to boot clubs, leather, rubber, uniform and bear clubs, leather-levi bars, boot message boards, list servers and chat sites.
BOOTMEN'S LINKS - Links to other bootmen's web sites.
MAJOR BOOT SITES - Other large sites devoted to boots.
OTHER INTERESTS - Links to leather and rubber sites, gay publications, special interest sites, midi music and internet audio sites.

My thanks go to all who have offered words of appreciation, contributed photos, and/or made a monetary contribution to HOT BOOTS!!!   It's great that so many of you are enjoying the site!

If you wish to contribute funds, photos or information to HOT BOOTS, please see the SITE INFORMATION section.  Your contributions are most welcome!

You might want to check out my PERSONAL PAGE and take a look at my HOME PAGE that I share with my partner, Bill.

Thanks for checking out HOT BOOTS!!!

In BOOTS . . .