Silver Spring, Maryland

I am just your average guy-next-door who is a Biker, Cowboy, Leatherman, and Bootman. My spouse and I met in April, 1993, and married in our home state of Maryland in April, 2013. When not at work, I volunteer a lot in the community where I look after a legion of senior pals and serve on various groups and boards.

I have a lot of motorcycle boots which I wear with my leather gear when riding my '08 Harley-Davidson Road King. I spent a lot of time in Oklahoma on horseback when I was younger. That's why I have a large collection of cowboy boots that I wear to work and casually, too. I am always booted -- I don't own a pair of shoes or sneakers!

My boot collection exceeds 200 pairs, but has more-or-less reached its limit. My collection of boots and leather gear is cataloged and described on my personal web site, and my daily boot and leather life is featured on my blog. Please note, I am a happily married man, but I enjoy making friends who share common interests.

Above: I ride my Harley-Davidson Road King in boots, breeches, and leather regularly.

Above: I enjoy wearing cowboy boots a lot. I wear them where I work.

Above: tall patrol boots are favorites with leather gear.

Above: I hang out in leather and boots in my community and at home.

Above: Doing work around the house and relaxing.

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