Duluth, Minnesota





The boots shown above are just a part of Bob's collection.   Included
here are Royal Canadian Mounted Police Dress Boots, Dehner Patrol
Boots, Wesco Boss and Lineman Boots and Tony Lama Cowboy Boots.

Bob is the owner of The Main Club bar in Superior, Wisconsin.

Duluth, mn. mid 50's As long as I can remember have been into boots. Growing up Dad had a shoe repair shop. I would sneak in at night and try on the boots and it felt good. When I came out I found out what good ment. Haven't found a pair of boots that I don't like. Have collected about 200 pair. Wear boots/leather/carharts/wranglers 24/7. The plates on my pickup read BOOTZ. Living in the Northland it is hard to find other guys with the same intersts. I work in a neighborhood Gay bar in Superior WI next to Duluth so I am out. Like to hear from guys who like their wecos's, lineman, engineer, cowboy, rubber, boots along with the leathers and cowboys.

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