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  • Boot Discussions
    This category is for discussions about boots. It's a place to discuss brands and styles, post your pictures and anything related to boots.
    RSS Feed 136 discussions 728 comments Most recent: Dean Winchester [PIC] by MIbootGuy on February 22
  • Boots For Sale
    This category should be used for all boot sale related posts. The Trustees of Hot Boots are not responsible for the items listed, and the honesty or integrity of any sellers. Buyers should use their own judgment before entering into any transaction. For safety, obtain a PayPal invoice from the seller, and pay for the item through PayPal, as this offers some level of guarantee of fair dealing and a method of recourse if something goes wrong.
    RSS Feed 169 discussions 92 comments Most recent: TALL LEATHER BOOTS WORN BY HERCULES’ NEPHEW?! SAY WHAT?! 9-9.5 by IslanderBoots on February 22
  • General
    General discussions of boot related topics. Use Boots For Sale category for sales messages
    RSS Feed 9 discussions 62 comments Most recent: It Takes Two by OldGringo on 5:34PM