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This software has lots of great features, which you'll learn over time, an awesome discussion platform, and separate categories customized to our needs. It replaces both the old Boots On Line and Boots For Sale message boards that were outdated and would not function on our new Secure server.

Look for "Announcement" on post listings. These are posts that provide helpful information and details on various aspects of this program that should help you make better use of your time here.

Welcome to the new BOL!



  • Oh, I like this! This is so cool!

    I know it takes a few extra steps than before but it does have a nice feel! Besides, it should be able to keep the trolls at bay.

    In Boots,


  • Art, I'm not seeing your picture when you tried attaching it, however I see it as your profile photo now.

  • I uploaded a new pic and it worked this time!

  • I've just signed up as a user and will begin kicking it (the new board) around a bit.....in boots, of course!


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    From a few years ago, sitting outside on the patio while drinking a beer. Double HH work boots. Sorry if this is the wrong place to post.

  • Well, this certainly a most welcome surprise! I had thought that the old fire had gone out from this old site. Glad to be proven wrong in this particular instance!

  • @BootedPaul At the right on most pages you should see a button labeled "New Discussion". Click it to start a new post.

    @Rodimus Glad you like the new board. Have always enjoyed your posts.

  • Loving the new Boots Online!

  • Will there be any way to go back to archive posts from the old board...I really did like going back from time to time, particularly to look at some of the older posts w/pics...

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    The old archive posts have been lost, but a new archive will be built on this new system. Posts will remain on the lists and move down the page as new posts are added. The further down you go in the list, the older the post is, with new pages added to accommodate them.


  • Just found out how to access this. Couldn't get the register to take my old handle. Most of you know me as Mike J.

    It may take a while for me to fully get a grasp of how to do everything I was used to on the old site here. I'm old, slow and dread change.

    Heck, I just got my second smart phone and it wasn't by choice.🙂

  • @Mike J @DogDad1956 I'm wondering why it wouldn't take your old name when you registered, but would accept the new one, It's the first problem we've heard about regarding registration. Actually we've had very few problems at all.

    I think you'll be used to the new software in no time. The old package wasn't compatible with our new secure server software, so we had to update to something more current. This has lots of new bells and whistles that the old one didn't have.


  • I hear ya DogDad. gonna take me a little time too but it looks good so far.

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    @DogDad1956,The new forum software doesn't allow a space in the handle, which is why I ended up having to format my handle the way it is (Mark_in_Hikers instead of Mark in Hikers). One can either use underscores (e. g., Mike_J) or run it together (MikeJ) or, as you did, come up with something completely different.

  • It might be that a username has to be one ‘word’. You might not be allowed to be ‘Mike J’ but ‘Mike_J’ would work.

  • Is there a way to tell if a posting has an embedded picture? The old format did show a (Pic) indicator if the posted message had a picture.

  • The [PIC] indicator is not available with this software.

    Users could always add PIC in the subject when posting a picture, but it wouldn't be automatic like on the old software.


  • That would be easy enough to accomplish manually, and would only require 3 keystrokes = [P]

    Just my 2-cents worth!

    ¡Puras Botas!

    Paul M.


  • the new format sucks, they old one was a hell of a lot better

  • Sorry.Gramps, but the old software no longer worked and hadto be replaced with something new.. This is it.


  • I realise things have to change, but I also find the new format harder to use. Used to log onto hotboots every day, but hardly ever do now.

  • New format is awful, haven't been able to figure it out and seems like not many others have either!!

  • Good things dont last always forever. I agree that the new BOL Forum sucks.

  • Speaking of sucks how about with our boots on?

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