Just thank for a moment what it will be life to slip your foot down into this mountain tribe boot and then lace up these knee high shafts snug over your calves. There’s most likely nothing like these boots in your closet! 

It’s always awesome to get a pair of boots in that are different from anything else we’ve pulled on. 

This email is going out pretty broadly and we realize these boots may be w-a-y out there for some of you. But just in case you’d enjoy considering something that’s definitely distinctive . . .  

The pictures tell the story when it comes to comparing these boots to any cowboy, biker, equestrian, linsman, or other boots you’ve seen. But we also need to add that the guys who blessed us with their time to model these boots went on and on about how incredible it felt just to wear these babies- so comfy in the foot and laced snugly up the calf.

Great price, too, for a totally different take on what a boot is. Starting at well under $75!

You gotta find out how great it feels to wear these.

See lots more of them at this link:


Thanks for looking!

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