22 years of Hot Boots!

From the Hot Boots Treasurer, Chris Elliott

Dear fellow Booted Men,

Hotboots.com has been around for 22 years now! The website was created by Larry Kenney's vision that booted men need not feel odd and/or misunderstood because of their passion for boots. As we have seen over the years, it has been a vehicle where booted men have come together, found each other, where we celebrate our affection for boots, and empower and encourage such passion. So many of us are indebted to Larry because his website helped us accept who we are: proud boot men from around the world, free to come together, celebrate each other and to pursue our fetish interests openly without fear of retribution or ridicule. I, for one, want other fellow Booted Men to have the Hot Boots site for many years to come.

The foundations for our main site have been solid and secure for over 20 years, but if we were to continue having a presence, modern web browsers increasingly required that we take steps to accommodate new technology which have a strong preference for sites with SSL certification. To do this, we were required to move our site to a newer server. Now, one can access our secure site by typing https://hotboots.com instead of the older http. Our older software for message boards running things like Boots Online (BOL) and Boots For Sale (BFS), were incompatible with the newer servers. Now, thanks to Larry, we've got a new system for BOL and BFS which is working well.

While the site is a labor of love for all of the the Trustees and Moderators, it costs money to keep the site running. Additionally, if we are to continue keeping the site compatible for the future, we want to have funding so that we can obtain technical assistance when necessary. If you've enjoyed the Hotboots.com website, and our Facebook group, we'd kindly ask your consideration of making a contribution. This message comes to you with the full support of the Officers and Trustees of Hotboots.com. We thank you in advance for your support!

There are three Ways to donate

To learn more about the ways to support the site please click here.


  • I've enjoyed the Hot Boots site for more years than I can count, typically visiting every day. I'm happy to have the opportunity to financially support it, after all the friends and resources I've found there. I just did it; it was quick and easy through PayPal. I hope that all the guys on here will contribute something to keep the sites going.

  • Thank you for your support, Texboots!

  • I'm surprised they haven't outlawed ca$h where you're at, lol. :-)

  • I am so indebted to Larry and the Hotboots crew.  Finding this site so many years ago changed my life, and I know it has done the same for so many boot lovers....Don

  • hotboots (and bol) has been the most important website, knowing i wasn't alone, giving me life long friends

    and more boots than i can ever look at - but keep them coming

    thanks larry and crew

    you make a difference to lives.


  • Larry???

    is all the archived messages gone for Boots online?

  • We're sorry, but everything from the old Boots On Line, including the archived messages, is gone. The old software won't work with the new secure software, so there's no way to display the old database.

    Here there will be no separate Archive. The posts will just stay right here on the list for your viewing pleasure, moving down as new posts are added.


  • Speaking of the "archives", the search engine seems to work well to find old messages. I tried using a couple different terms, phrases, and user names, and as far as I could tell the search brought up all relevant posts. The only problem I noticed is that the search only seems to go through the text of the posts, not the headings. So for example, we can't do a search to bring up all the posts from a particular user, which is part of the post heading, unless the user has included his name in the text of the post.

  • It is going to take time to get use to the new format.

  • Loving this site

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