Boots For Sale - Used for all posts and discussions about Sales

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Boots For Sale is the category where discussions regarding the sale of boots, leather and uniform gear should be posted.

Posts that involve selling your boots or gear should be entered in the Boots For Sale category but as a separate, new post, not as a comment to this post. Select "New Discussion" on the right to enter your post.

Use the "Image" button in the comments box to post photos in your message. It's the button with the tiny picture on it.

Buyer beware! The Boots for Sale page is provided for the convenience of Hot Boots users. The Trustees of Hot Boots are not responsible for the items listed, the honesty or integrity of any sellers, and urge buyers to use their own reasonable judgment and caution before entering into any transaction. For your safety, obtain a PayPal invoice from the seller, and pay for the item through PayPal, as this offers some level of guarantee of fair dealing and a method of recourse if something goes wrong.


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