Hard Time Looking For Corcoran Boots That I Like And Fits Me..

I have a hard time looking for the ideal boots I like and that fits me for some reasons. My favorite boots to have is Corcoran boots but I am open to similar alternatives in its physical appearance. The following are some of the reason why it is difficult to find the perfect fit boots for me..

  1. My shoe size is rare. I could hardly find my shoe size online. My shoe size is US 7.5 m and I could not find it in online stores.
  2. The price is so expensive and more so to ship to the Philippines where I am living right now.
  3. Limited brand that manufactures the type of boots I like.

These are just some of the reasons why I find it difficult to find the ideal boots for me. My favorite boots is Corcoran and for now I wanted to have a black leather combat boots. If its impossible to have a Corcoran, I am open to other alternatives provided it is almost similar or have strong resemblance to Corcoran boots. I am also open to work, logger or paratrooper boots as long as it is made in leather.


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