Make sure you use the correct symbol when adding photos

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I've been seeing a lot of embedded photos added to your posts instead of posting the photo in your post, so I thought I'd explain the difference. If you look to the lower left in the comment box you'll see four symbols. The first one is used for adding emojis to your post, such as this: 🙌. The second symbol with the little mountain scene is the one you want to use for including a picture or pictures in your post. Using that, the viewer will see the photo without clicking on anything. The third symbol with the < > embeds the photo as a link and does not show the photo. The viewer has to click on the link to see it. The fourth symbol of the paper clip is for adding attachments to your post.

In most cases I think you'll want to include the photo right in with the text of your post, so use the symbol with the mountain scene on it. You can upload several photos to your post. Just click on the mountain view symbol again and you can add another photo. This software will accept photos of all sizes. Resizing is no longer required before you post them.

I hope that will help you.

I'm going to use the mountain scene symbol here to post a photo for you.

That's a picture of me taken four years ago wearing my new harness boots.


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