More Helpful Tips: Separating or Combining Categories in a list - Using Rich Text in a post

Helpful tip 1: You have the option of looking at the posts in just one category or looking at all of the posts in all categories in your list. You select the category you want to list by clicking on that category in the panel on the right or you can click on Home at the very top left of the page and see all of the posts in all categories. For example, if you just want to check out the boots that are listed for sale, click Boots For Sale in the right column and you'll only see the Boots For Sale posts.

Helpful tip 2: When posting a message you have the option of using the Rich Text Editor. You can make certain words show up in bold type, as I've done here, in italics, or in line-out mode where you can edit an existing post you've already made and keep text but line it out as no longer applicable. You can also use a different font or highlight a link, such as To use these features you have to type the words first then highlight the words you want to change. A box will pop up where you make your selection. Click outside of the pop up box to close it.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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