More Features: BOL Personal Messaging, Notifications and Bookmarks

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We keep finding more interesting features as we investigate the new BOL software. Here are three more.

Personal Messaging:

The crew did some testing of the BOL personal mail system tonight and was very pleased with the results.

Say you have a question for another user, or want to send a private comment in response to a post that you read on the board, or just want to say "Hello", you can send the other user a personal message through the system.

To send one, you click on the envelop at the top right corner of the BOL page and then click on the little writing stick you find there. Up comes a message form. You type in the users name in the box, which you can get from his post, then type in your message and hit “Save”. It puts a copy in the user's mail box and in your mail box, and it sends a notification email along with the message to the user at his email address. 

While we're talking about the upper right corner, let's talk about the bell and the star. What are they for?


The bell will have a number above it if you receive a notification. You click on the bell to read the notification. You will get a notification if someone comments on a post that you make, or if someone highlights your name with an @ sign in front of it in a post, such as @Larry.


If you read a post and would like to bookmark it, just click on the star while you have the post open. It will then place a star on the post so that you can easily find it again in the list.


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