FINAL DAY! Tall, Proud Prada! 11

We're so impressed with these handsome and rare, taller boots from Prada in pristine condition. They have hardly been worn except for these photos. And they are no longer available in any Prada collection, even in then Autumn catalogues!

Today, with Prada offering slight and simple demi boots available for $895 and deck loafers beginning at $670, a pair of boots like ours would run at well over $1,200. There's no doubt.

So, with a starting price of LESS THAN HALF THAT, these are a wonder to behold; albeit a costly wonder. But well worth the outlay.

And this IS the pair that our friend who models most for us declares are THE most comfortable he has ever pulled on.

The posh lining and cushioning is hard to adequately describe.

See lots more of these fabulous boots at this link, men:


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