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Some basics for bootmen

Biker Boots

"Biker" boots are boots made for motorcyclists. Dating back to the early days of motorcycling in the 1900's, motorcyclists often chose to wear sturdy, tall boots for protection in case of a fall or crash, and also to prevent burning their legs on hot exhaust pipes.

Motorcycles have exhaust pipes on one or both sides of the motorcycle. Temperatures of exhaust pipes can exceed 400°F, and the pipes are literally inches from the rider’s and passenger's legs. Thus, many bikers who are concerned for their safety select boots that are made of thick leather and tall enough to provide protection from heat.

Although the term "biker" refers to any motorcycle enthusiast, sometimes the word "biker" is sometimes used to mean an outlaw biker, or bikie (Australian term), who is a member of what's referred to as an "outlaw motorcycle gang."

Non-motorcycle riders tend to place all motorcycle riders into the same category, but within the riding community there are many subsets of riders.

As there are subsets of riders, there are subsets of "Biker Boots": Engineer, Harness, Police Patrol, Tactical, and Motocross (for those who race motorcycles), plus boots made for other purposes but adopted by Bikers, such as logger and lineman. Adaptations of some of these boots are also made.

Engineer Boots are also very popular with bikers. The boots are most often made of heavyweight black leather, have a rounded toe and range in height from short (10") to crotch-high (38"). The most typical height is between 10 and 18 inches.

Engineer boots may include a built-in steel toe cap and metal shank in the heel, and often are double-layered with leather for stiffness. Engineer boots typically have an adjustable leather strap across the ankle as well as an adjustable leather strap at the top of the shaft to adjust the fit. Read more about Engineer Boots.

Very similar to engineer boots, harness boots are a type of motorcycle boot usually worn by motorcycle riders. The boots are most often made of heavy weight leather and range in height from short (10") to extra high (38"). The most typical height is between 10 and 18 inches. The most common colors are black and brown, but harness boots can be found in other colors and suede leather as well. Bikers often choose harness boots with rubber tread or Vibram® soles for good traction while operating the motorcycle and to hold the bike in place while stopped. Read more about Harness Boots.
Police officers who are assigned to motorcycle patrol units often wear tall (17" - 18" usually) boots made of smooth leather, most often calfskin or cowhide. The boots conform to the foot and leg, and are worn with breeches which fit well inside the boot. Read more about Police Patrol Boots.
"Tactical Boots" is a generic term used by some internet sites to describe a general type of boot that some motorcyclists choose to wear. These boots usually have laces and often also have zippers. The boots look similar to Station Boots. The boots have a rubber or tread sole, and range in height, but generally range from 6" to 10", with many at 8". Motorcyclists who want a sturdy boot but do not wish to wear tall boots may choose these boots to wear when they ride. For example, a large percentage of regular riders in a Maryland-based Harley Owner's Group choose to wear such boots.
Motocross Boots are used by those who engage in racing motorcycles. Because motorcycles are driven at very high speeds, a specialty boot was created to provide extra protection to the racer. These boots are usually 16" tall and are made of synthetic materials that can withstand tremendous wear as well as provide superb protection to the rider's legs and feet. Many high-quality motocross boots have Kevlar inserts for additional strength. These boots have buckles across the front so they can be put on very snugly over nomex pants or racing leathers. Read more about Motocross Boots.
Logger and Lineman Boots are popular with some bikers who appreciate the leather side patches (on Lineman boots) and excellent support offered by both of these types of boots. The boots are made of extra heavy cowhide leather, and are usually double-lined. They range in height from 14" to 20", or higher. They lace up from the toe to the top of the boot in a traditional crossed pattern. Read more about Logger and Lineman Boots.
Content from Wikipedia and Booted Harleydude

Text from Wikipedia articles on Bikers, Engineer Boots, Harness Boots, Motocross Boots and Riding Boots, and as edited and contributed to by Booted Harleydude.  Text of this article is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License.

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