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Engineer Boots

Engineer Boots

Engineer Boots

Engineer boots are a type of boot usually worn by motorcycle riders or "bikers". The boots are most often made of heavy weight leather, have a rounded toe and range in height from short (10") to crotch-high (38"). The most typical height is between 10 and 18 inches.

Engineer boots are designed to protect the motorcycle rider from injury to the foot and leg in the case of a crash and to prevent the burning of the rider's calves while riding. They may include a built-in steel toe cap and metal shank in the heel, and often have a leather for stiffness. The lining also makes them more comfortable and easier to pull on and take off. Engineer boots typically have an adjustable leather strap across the ankle as well as an adjustable leather strap at the top of the shaft to adjust the fit. Multiple straps at the top of the shaft are also common. Soles and heels are usually made of hard rubber and may either be relatively flat or may have lugs for increased traction.

crotch-high Engineer Boots A favorite of those into tall boots is the Wesco "Big Boss" crotch-high boot. These boots are made from 32" to 38" or more, depending on the wearer's height, and come up as high as the crotch. They are primarily used by those who enjoy a strong boot fetish and are not practical for wearing while riding a motorcycle, as the leather is often stiff and prevents easy bending of the knee to operate the motorcycle's brake and clutch controls operated by the foot.
cops in Engineer Boots Some Motor Officers wear Engineer style boots, such as Chippewa Hi-Shine Boots. These boots make a good appearance and are often less expensive than Dress Instep or Bal-Laced Police Patrol Boots. Most law enforcement units that have motor patrol officers usually specify a style of police patrol boot for their officers to wear while on duty, but the units may not specify a specific manufacturer. The units may provide a uniform allowance which an officer can apply toward purchase of the uniform and boots. If the allowance is limited, as many are, officers may opt for less expensive boots like Engineer Boots that meet uniform specifications of the unit to which he/she is assigned.
Chippewa Engineer Boots

Wesco Engineer Boots

During the depression era, Chippewa Shoe Company of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, developed a pair of boots with stovepipe leg and was fashioned over "English Riding Boot" last. In the 1960s, Sears carried the Sears branded Chippewa Engineers and showed them as worn by land surveyors. An old word in American English of the 1700s to 1900s for a land surveyor is "engineer", a possibility of the origin of the name of the boot.

Chippewa continues to make quality Engineer Boots, as does West Coast Shoe Company (Wesco), Double H, and Frye. The most popular Engineer Boots today come from Chippewa and Wesco.

Content from Wikipedia and Booted Harleydude. Pictures from Booted Harleydude, HotBoots "Just Boots" gallery and Stompers Boots, used with permission.

Text from Wikipedia article on Engineer Boots and as edited and contributed to by Booted Harleydude. Text of this article is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License.

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