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Some basics for bootmen

Firefighter's Boots

Firefighter Boots

Firefighter Boots

Firefighter's boots are worn with full turnout gear to protect the firefighter while spraying the wet stuff on the red stuff. The turnout pants are worn over the boots so water doesn't run inside the boots.

Older firefighter's boots were made of leather or rubber, and were usually from 20" to 26" high. Newer boots are made of synthetic materials including Nomex which is more resistant to heat to protect the firefighter. Other standards to which these boots are made include providing protection from compression, impact, electrical conductivity, and sole penetration.

That which resists heat also gets very hot to wear. These boots do not breathe, but they are not intended to. The boots are waterproof (as opposed to being water resistant). Newer boots can withstand temperatures of 800°F for short periods without being damaged, although exposure to these temperatures is not recommended!


Also seen around the firehouse are guys wearing Station Boots. These boots are designed with protection standards as well from compression, impact, electrical conductivity, and sole penetration. They are usually 8" high and black in color.

The soles are made of thick rubber or Vibram® tread, and are usually 3/8" to 1/2" thick, with a short heel. The soles are resistant to damage from water, oil, and chemicals.

Most have laces to adjust for fit, but once laced, do not need to be tied again because there is a zipper up the middle which makes them easy to put on and take off. They are made of a combination of leather and synthetic materials which add both to their comfort and appearance.

Many guys who wear Station Boots say they are the most comfortable boots they own.

Wildland Firefighter Boots Until recently there was no difference between logger boots and wildand fire boots. In recent years, however, they've become differentiated by silicon-tanned leather, Kevlar thread and Vibram® soles, all of which are more fire resistant.

Read more information about wildland firefighter boots.

Content from Wikipedia, National Fire Protection Association (a professional firefighting standards-making organization), and Booted Harleydude. Photos from internet sources, BootedBear, Big Black Boots and JGear Shoes and Boots. Used with permission.

Text from Wikipedia article on Firefighter Boots and as edited and contributed to by Booted Harleydude. Text of this article is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License.

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