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Some basics for bootmen

Ranger Boots

Ranger boots come from a long British heritage of "ranger" boots, the boots worn by British rangers which share the design features of the famous jump boots worn by U.S. paratroopers. The boot is tough and gives the wearer a tough appearance. The boot is made of thick, supple leather, usually thick air-cushioned lug soles and a cushioned footbed. Most have strong Goodyear welt construction and stitching of extra heavy thread that is lock stitched.
Rangers boots are measured not by height, but by the British method of counting the number of eyelets or holes up each side of the boot. For example, 20 hole boots are about 15-1/2" / 40 cm high. Ranger Boots usually come in 14, 20, or 30 hole-heights. Shorter and taller rangers are also available, but are not as common.
Some wearers attach significance to the color of the boot laces used. The particular colors used vary regionally, but wearers from the same area are likely to interpret them accurately. Some use them to indicate beliefs or affiliations.

In many areas wearers lace their boots in a ladder pattern - laces arranged with the outside laces horizontal and parallel, resembling a ladder.

In some areas the lace color and lacing technique choices have largely fallen into disuse, and many wearers today are more likely to choose their colors for fashion purposes.

While most Ranger Boots look very much alike, there are some variations in their style. Some have buckles on the back of the boots and some have hidden zippers on the side.
The soles of Ranger Boots have a thick tread pattern, and are often attached to the boot with screws and rivets. This method adds to the tough appearance as well as durability of the boot.
Manufacturers of Ranger Boots include: Demonia, Dr. Marten (also called DMs, Docs, or Doc Marten), Grinders, Gripfast, Muro, New Rock, Provider, Shelly, Tuk, Ugg, and Underground. Many have abandoned buying new Dr. Marten boots because they are no longer made in the U.K.
Content from Wikipedia and Booted Harleydude. Photos from Hot Boots "Just Boots Gallery".

Text from Wikipedia article on Skinheads and as edited and contributed to by Booted Harleydude. Text of this article is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License.

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