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Boot Care, Lacing, Sizing, Tutorial and other information

There is a great deal of information available on the web about boot care and polishing, boot lacing, size
conversion, and history.  This is a summary of some interesting pages with links to the source.


Bootmen have developed some excellent methods to care for your boots, both inside and out.  Different types of boots require different types of care and materials.  Boots can be polished, waterproofed and greased, and don't let the care of exotic leathers be your "fall from grace" in your bootblacking skills.

The insides of your boots can 'dry out' and become contaminated with body salts and oils, and this can often the first area to fail with your boots.  There is also the problem with mold and mildew that can be prevented.

Here are links to where you'll find answers to your boot care problems and to lots of information on prevention tips and the care, conditioning and polishing of your boots. You, too, can create that mirror glass finish to let light dance across your boots.

  • Boot Care For Exotic Skins

  • Boot Care For The Insides of Your Boots

  • Boot Polishing

  • Bottles For Boots

  • How to Care For Your Shoes and Boots

  • Mildew Prevention and Removal


    Where do you find real long boot laces?  Where do you find colored boot laces?  How do you ladder lace your boots?  How do you keep the kelty from slipping?  The answers to these questions and more are just a click away in the links below.
  • Boot Lacing Technique

  • Boot Ladder Lacing Instructions

  • Ian's Shoelace Site - Fun, Fashion & Science



    The boot must fit to be comfortable.  The length and width must be correct for your foot or you'll have problems wearing them.  How do you determine your correct size?  There are excellent resources on choosing the right size boot in the links below.

    With the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Europe, Japan and other areas all using different size notation, how do you know what size to buy?  There are three size conversion charts here; two for converting from one country's size to that of another country and one for determining your boot size from your foot size.  There is also a page describing how to pick the right size boot.

  • Boot Size Conversion Chart

  • Boot Size Conversion Chart

  • Foot Size to Boot Size Conversion Chart

  • How to Pick the Right Size Boot



    There are several methods that bootmen use to store boots. The following tutorial explains these methods, such as shelves, hanging rods and boxes, and also talks about the environment needed for proper boot storage.

    Storing Boots



    This section includes information on the proper way to wear spurs, a discussion on choosing the right boots, a forum for custom bootmakers, guides to motorcycle and patrol boots, how to comfortably wear your jeans inside your boots, and a variety of newspaper articles about custom cowboy boots, boot care and getting a good fit, along with some interesting stories about some bootmakers round out this collection of information links.

  • Boot Spurs

  • Choosing Boots: How do you choose your boots and what do you look for?

  • Custom Cowboy Boots Forum

  • Guide To Motorcycle Boots

  • Guide To Police Patrol Boots

  • How to Wear Jeans Inside Cowboy Boots

  • Newspaper Articles About Boots

  • Using Boot Hooks

  • Tutorial - Types of Boots

    Boot Information Page Index

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