Hudson, New Hampshire

BootsNH is wearing his Wesco Big Boss Boots sitting
in front of some of the other boots in his boot collection.

Wearing 18-inch Wesco Jobmasters
with 18-inch Wesco Boss Boots on the Bed

18-inch Black Wesco Harness Boots with Vibram 100R soles

In the following photos BootsNH is wearing 18-inch Brown Wesco
Harness Boots, with black leather lining and Vibram 100R soles, size 9E

Man, the scent of the Wescos is intoxicating!

The boots you see on the floor in the previous photos he is wearing
here.  They are 20-inch Burgundy Wesco Boss Engineers
with black leather lining and Vibram 100R soles, Size 9E

You can see the Brown Harness Boots on the floor next to him.

Here's another shot of BootsNH wearing the Burgundy Wesco Boss Boots.

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