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For Men Who Like To Swap Boots!

U.S. Boot Size - 12

Click on the Bootman's name to send him e-mail.

Listings are shown with the latest ones first.

12JohnKentuckyAnyone Got Any Boots to Give away size 12!1/09/20
12Joeohioopen to any styles.Work boots, bikers military etc7/01/19
12JohnKentuckyI have a black pair of cowboy boots to trade!4/23/19
12NateMelbourneUS12 Timberland Boots. (have US10 to trade)8/15/17
12tonyflorida2 prs sz 12 well worn biker/work boots to trade12/31/15
12MikeWest palm beach flUsed us size 12 construction workboots8/15/14
12stevenew hampshirewanted to buy: pair of hot used patrol boots5/19/14
12tonylakeland flwell worn work boots to trade for riding boots2/24/14
12EdBallwin, MO12med. Rocky brn. leather wellys12narrow welly1/23/14
12CalvinChicagocowboy, military, construction12/04/12
12engelmanitoba, canadaTrade sz11 Dehner Caissons for sz12 Wesco/Dehner11/27/12
12robinocoee,flaany worn used police military cowboy boot swap10/20/12
12TyIndianalooking for english riding and dress boots12/06/11
12bootpigauBrisbaneAny kind, love Cowboys with higher heal11/28/11
12C.Taylormontreal,canadaterra work boots wanted black or brown high model2/08/11
12Ray bakeyToronto Ontario2 prs Chippewa Packer Boots D width -11/07/10
12nashcowbearnashville tnany kind of boots9/07/10
12CyclesNGearMinnesotaMany types just ask! 11.5 to 1310/14/09
12MattSchenectady, NYCowboy and english riding boots7/31/08
12ScottAlabamaCowboy, Biker, Harness, Gear5/11/08
12BrianIndianaLooking for any kind of boot Not destroyed!!8/25/06
12TomPennsylvaniaSeeking 12D black boots with flame overlay.2/18/06
12HDKansas City, MOreally worn bike or cowboys, can wear 12-138/23/00

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