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List Me in Boot Swap at Hot Boots!

I want to swap BOOTS!

All transactions will be at your own risk.

By listing yourself here you indicate that you wish to engage in
transactions in which boots are exchanged in both directions, or
you are interested in being notified when boots are available in your
size.  Use of this listing to solicit for cash sales is inappropriate.

Boot size:
Select the size of your feet.
If you are looking for other sizes
say so in the Comments blank.

Your name:

Your location:

Your e-mail address:
Be sure this is correct, or no one can contact you.
Responses to your listing will be forwarded to this e-mail
address through the Hot Boots mail server (info).

Comments (optional):
A place to mention types of boots, widths, or which sizes
you are seeking if greatly different from your own.

Click button to add your listing:
(Only one listing per person please.)

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