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In early 2008, "mobts" posted on the "Boots On Line" message board
several photos of old pages of boots from catalogs dating from the
1940's to 1980's .  They are now preserved in this gallery for all to enjoy.

Others, as noted, have also added to the collection.

These first four photos are from a 1941 Star Shoe catalog:



Here's a little history on engineer boots from Jeff in Milwaukee,
who has researched old Sears catalogs at the library.  He wrote:

"I checked at the Milwaukee Public Library and found that the first
appearance of engineer boots was around 1938.  They were originally
all of the 17 or 18-inch height.  It wasn't until later on that the 11-inch boots
were found in the catalogs.  Also, during the war years, engineer boots
disappeared from the catalogs.  The re-appearance of engineer boots
was announced in the catalog after the war.  I remember the page saying
something like, 'Engineer boots are now back and are available again.' "

For more information on the history of engineer boots,
check out this page from the Classic Boots web site.

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