Inverness, Florida

Paul Bond boots, Trumbull stitching design, 16" shafts,
#4A toe, #7-4" heel. Size 9.5D, made in 2005.
Paul Bond boots, "Elk City" style, tan with small dark brown
heel and toe 'wings', 16" shafts, #4A toe, 4-3/4" heel
(measured at the back). Size 9.5D (approx), made in 2003.
Champion Attutude boots, Estacado style, Light tan, shafts 12", "X" toe,
"WR" heels measuring 4-3/8" at the back. Size 9.5D, purchased about 2004.
Paul Bond 'Pendleton' style, dark brown with lighter brown toe and heel
wings, and top collars, 16" shafts, #4A toe, #7 heel, 3-5/8"
(measured at the back). Size 9.5D, made in 2005.
Western Ranch boots, black with 12" shafts, "Flame" (red) toe and heel
wings (overlays), heel is 5-5/8" at the back. Size 9.5D, made in 1997.
Osuna boots, dark chocolate brown with rust "reddish" brown 13-1/2" shafts, VERY
sharp pointed toe (Ed says they're a work of art... the best he's seen), 3" very under-
shot heels. This is the pair of boots he wears most often. Completed October 2007.
You can see close up shots of some of Ed's other Western Ranch
boots on Page 297 of the Just Boots Gallery, and you'll find more
of Ed's other boots beginning on Page 458 of the gallery.

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Florida big guy with a serious high-heeled boot fetish, looking for a bearish, booted significant other to settle down with forever. Have several pictures on this site (look under bootmen, "Ed"). Put a booted bear in skin tight jeans...and I will be chasin ya for sure...! Drop me a line...always interested in dialogue.

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